Do We Know Our Stuff?

Do We Know Our Stuff?
Did we just fall off the turnip truck? Well, yes and it hurt, but that's another story... here's a brief backgrounder on the skills that we can bring to bear for you.

What Is The Carneros Group?

The Carneros Group, for the most part, is made up of me; Gregory S. Walter. When I left the world of relatively big-time publishing in 1993 and began to look around at smaller publishing companies it was clear to me that the hard-working people running these promising companies suffered not only from a chronic lack of time to take advantage of all of the opportunities staring back at them, but many lacked also lacked the basic knowledge on how to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Skill sets and time-tested programs that are second nature in the corporate publishing are not as prevalent in the world of the entrepreneurial publisher. I started The Carneros Group in 1994 to bring that expertise to small- to medium-sized publishers, help them realize their dreams and grow their companies. Over the past five years I have become more involved with new media projects and thus have expanded the scope of The Carneros Group to include new media consulting. I have extensive relationships with other consultants in related fields and can bring their talent and experience to bear to make your business the best it can be.

Summary of Experience

1994 to Present: The Carneros Group.
Through my consulting activities, I have served clients in a variety of different capacities from an hourly-rate damage control to long-term management roles in their operations. See "What We've Done..." for more on the clients I have served and the services provided.

1980 to 1994: Wine Spectator / M. Shanken Communications, Inc./West.
My involvement at Wine Spectator began in the early days of the publication in its first home, San Diego, Calif. I was hired as an editorial assistant and began working on any aspect of the publication management would allow me access to. Within two years, I was associate editor and the magazine had moved to new digs in San Francisco. The business began a meteoric rise in scope and influence and I was chosen to manage this growth, first as a senior editor, then moving to the business side as executive vice president and by 1987, president of Wine Spectator and the company's West Coast publishing subsidiary. See "What We've Done..." for more on the specific duties and publishing activities I was part of while at Wine Spectator.

Summary of Skills

General Business Planning.
I have considerable experience in all aspects of business planning from budgets to cash flow planning to marketing programs and implementation.

Traditional Publishing Launch Planning.
From writing the initial business plan to working with designers on mockups to hiring the right team and getting that first issue out on the streets, I can do it.

New Media Development.
I've worked on the ground level of three Internet-based business startups and worked in all areas of conception, planning, funding, content development and launch.

Content Creation.
I have extensive experience in writing and editing content for websites, traditional books and magazines as well as marketing and merchandising content.

Editorial, Design and Production.
I have extensive experience in all editorial areas from concept development through the writing, editing, design and production stages. I have managed editorial and production staffs working on simultaneous multiple publishing projects through difficult deadline situations. I have worked with art and editorial staffs on bootstrapped magazine startups and coordinated art and editorial staffs for four major magazine redesigns.

Manufacturing and Distribution.
Manufacturing management has always been an important part of my role. I've been responsible for all dealings with printers from planning annual manufacturing and distribution schedules to gathering, evaluating and negotiating bids for new projects to negotiation of multi-year printing contracts.

Book Publishing and Special Projects.
I have been involved as publisher and/or editor for more that seven books. While at Wine Spectator I was responsible for creating and/or managing nearly all special publishing projects at Wine Spectator. I created "Wine Spectator Press," the companyís successful book publishing division, and was the key editor in charge of all of this divisionís book titles.

Database Publishing.
I have extensive experience in the management of information for publication, both in print and online media. I have been involved at a top management level as well as a hands-on level coordinating the collection, maintenance and publication of data for various special projects. These duties included design and implementation of computer hardware and software systems, data collection and verification, indexing and formatting.

Information Systems.
I have designed, purchased and implemented computer systems for editorial and business applications including systems for database publishing, magazine and book production, sales management and order processing. I am fully fluent with Macintosh and PC platforms and operating systems.

I am a graduate of San Diego State University where I earned a bachelor of arts degree in Journalism and continued my graduate studies in the field of political science.

What Can We Do For You? What Can We Do For You?
If you want some coffee or a soft pillow, talk to someone else. But if you want your publishing or new media business to be all it can be, here are some of the services we can provide.
Current And Past Projects What We've Done...
Here are some of the projects we've worked on. You would be right to conclude that the firm (actually its president) likes wine and food...
Questions Or Comments? Questions Or Comments?
Here's how to contact us if you have any questions or comments, or if you'd just like us to give you a call to discuss how we might work together.

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