A Journey On The Wine Frontier
By W. Philip Woodward and Gregory S. Walter

Table of Contents



Part One - The Early Years

1. Early Life on the Benchland
2. Chalone’s First Stewards
3. Liska, Sigman and Togni
4. Rodney Strong and Long-Distance Winemaking

Part Two - Evolution Leads to a New Beginning

5. Richard Graff Comes to Chalone
6. Hard Times and a Long Fight
7. A New Name and a Bright Future
8. The Beginnings of a Beautiful Partnership
9. Have Wine, Will Deliver

Part Three - The Modern Company Emerges

10. An Idea Begins to Form
11. An Opportunity or a Distraction?
12. Uncharted Seas: Gavilan Goes Public
13. Back to Business
14. Coming to the Napa Valley
15. The Umbrella Gets Crowded
16. Recession, War and Inklings of Battles to Come
17. A Strong Comeback
18. A Terrible Accident
19. Getting Ready for the Millennium

Part Four - Embracing the Future

20. Our Philosophy: What We Believe as a Company
21. Our Shareholders: The Most Valuable Asset
22. Our People: Contributors to Both our Vision and our Success
23. Richard Graff: My Partner on the Wine Frontier

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