A Journey On The Wine Frontier
By W. Philip Woodward and Gregory S. Walter
6 x 9 in; 222 pages, 24 black and white photos
$20.00 Softcover
ISBN 097010300X

Standing amid the rows of grapevines at Chalone Vineyard is a sensuous experience. The vineyard is a green oasis surrounded by the comparative desolation of the manzanita- and chaparral-dotted benchland of the Gavilan Mountains. Towering above is the maze of basalt spires, jumbled boulders, crevices and caves that make up Central California’s Pinnacles National Monument. It’s eerily quiet; it seems as though one is completely alone, except for the wind, that is. The wind can be constant or wild and gusty, and it feels alive. This is a place that is worlds away from the more orderly, elegant, green and gentrified wine country of Northern California.

Despite all the incongruities, this is Chalone’s place; and Chalone wouldn’t be Chalone without it. The frontier spirit and drive that flows from taming a most unlikely environment and turning it into one of the world’s finest and most unique wine estates is the same drive and spirit that took Chalone Vineyard and built it into the first premium publicly traded wine company.

Chalone: A Journey On The Wine Frontier, by W. Philip Woodward and Gregory S. Walter, is the first book to document the history and development of a pioneering California wine estate through its journey into becoming the first public premium wine company. “Chalone” is at once the history of a place and all of the interesting people who took up residence there over the years as well as the personal journey and recollections of Phil Woodward, the co-founder of the modern Chalone Vineyard. It is also a story about the struggles of entrepreneurship and an enduring passion for success.

What Others Are Saying:

“Chalone co-founder Phil Woodward and former Wine Spectator president Gregory Walter have fashioned a book that is lively, informative and packed with personality...The tale of Chalone's emergence as a respected wine-world brand is never less than fascinating.”
--Matthew DeBord, Wine Spectator

“Phil Woodward’s and Greg Walter’s book about the struggle to establish and expand a California winery is a reminder that frontiers have been conquered in the not-so-wild West in the recent past, with delectable consequences for American wine lovers.”
-- R.W. Apple Jr., senior correspondent, The New York Times, in the book’s Foreword.

“If you want to learn about a wine company’s development from step one, this is absolutely your book. And even if you’re not ‘into’ wine, it’s still a great buy if you like an engaging story.”
-- Steven Charnick, wine lover, Wilmington, Del.

Chalone: A Journey on the Wine Frontier is a behind-the-scenes look at an organization that has become one of the most successful wine businesses in California. From the early days at an isolated spot in Monterey County to the latest acquisitions in Napa, this book details it all, and does so in a refreshing manner, occasionally even airing a bit of dirty laundry. The book is at its best describing the remarkable journey of Phil Woodward.”
-- Tom Hyland, The Underground Wine Journal.

“This is the story of Chalone. The work shows how men of vision transformed a remote area, while lacking in basics such as water or electricity… Given its remote location, a wine lover might assume that whatever happened here happened in isolation. Not so. In the very earliest days of Chalone major wine figures from other regions played key roles… It’s an amazing tale of perseverance and effort… Recommended.”
-- Bob Foster, assistant editor, California Grapevine.

Chalone: A Journey on the Wine Frontier chronicles the story of the Chalone Wine Group and provides an insightful history of the California wine industry told in a manner only an insider could know.”
-- California Beverage News.

About The Authors

W. Philip Woodward is currently chairman of The Woodward/Graff Wine Foundation. He joined The Chalone Wine Group in 1972 as vice president, chief financial officer and a director with the charge of building the business and selling Chalone’s wines. In 1974 he was named president and CEO, a role he continued until 1998 when he relinquished his day-to-day duties to focus on broader company issues as chairman. In 2001 he left the company to focus his efforts on building The Chalone Wine Foundation, later spun off from the company as the Woodward/Graff Wine Foundation.

Gregory S. Walter is a writer, editor, publisher and publishing consultant with more than 20 years experience in and around the wine, food and publishing businesses. He is president of his own publishing consultancy, The Carneros Group, based in Sonoma, Calif. His imprint, Carneros Press, is the publisher of the book. Walter began his career with a 14-year stint with Wine Spectator, eventually rising through the editorial and business ranks to the position of president.


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