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My name is Gregory Walter and I'm president of The Carneros Group. If you need some fresh ideas or a new approach for your publishing or new media company, then we should talk. I've walked in both worlds and can help you focus on what's important at a time when paradigms are shifting faster than you can look up the word "paradigm." Here's a brief look at The Carneros Group, but the best way to find out whether we can help is for us to talk...
What Can We Do For You? What Can We Do For You?
If you want some coffee or a soft pillow, talk to someone else. But if you want your publishing or new media business to be all it can be, here are some of the services we can provide.
Do We Know Our Stuff? Do We Know Our Stuff?
Did we just fall off the turnip truck? Well, yes and it hurt, but that's another story... here's a brief backgrounder on the skills that we can bring to bear for you.
Current And Past Projects What We've Done...
Here are some of the projects we've worked on. You would be right to conclude that the firm (actually its president) likes wine and food...
Questions Or Comments? Questions Or Comments?
Here's how to contact us if you have any questions or comments, or if you'd just like us to give you a call to discuss how we might work together.

Carneros Press
Go here to find out about our book publishing activities in the wine and food arena. This is a true "niche" publishing group--no mass market books here!

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